Issuing of books and other resources

DVDs, magazines, books are issued to users registered in the Library. At each visit at the Library, it is necessary to present the Reader Card, eID card or ViA Student ID.

Loan period of issued documents:

  • Specialised literature (green label) books, DVDs and CDs - 14 days
  • Textbooks (yellow label) - for a semester or course period
  • Reading room resources (red label) from ViA collection - "Night subscription *"
  • Resources from Valmiera Library reading room collection cannot be borrowed home
  • Fiction books - 30 days
  • Movie DVDs and music CDs (up to 5 DVDs or CDs at a time) - 7 days
  • Magazines - 7 days (the latest issue cannot be borrowed, if it is the only copy)
  • Books from Children Books Department - 30 days

*Night subscription – the opportunity to borrow the reading room information resources outside the Library working hours.

Registered users can make a reservation of books and extend their loans by using a remote service or by phone: 642 22464, 642 07226, 26664430 (LMT)



Individual and group reading rooms

The following rooms are available to registered library users:

  • 4 individual reading rooms for 1-2 people (A, B, C, D), equipped with computers (B,C, D)
  • 2 group rooms (I, II). The group rooms are for 10-12 people.

In order to use an individual reading room or group room, register with the librarian.

Estimated working time per user or per user group is up to 2 hours. The room can be used longer, if agreed with the librarian.

If the rooms are used by more people than foreseen, and chairs are taken from other rooms, they must be put back after the work.

If the user leaves the room during the scheduled work hours, he / she is entitled to receive the key from the librarian and lock the room. When the job is completed, the key must be returned.

The reading rooms can be booked:

  • by filling out the online booking form (after submitting the electronic form, please wait for the confirmation on the use of the reading room at the time you have specified!)
  • at the Library staff on the 2nd floor
  • by phone 26664430 (LMT)
  •  by e-mail: [email protected].


Computer room

The use of the Internet and computers are for free. In the specialised literature reading room on the 2nd floor there are computers (No.1, 2, 3, 4) with the data processing programme PSPP.

Computer time reservation: [email protected], 26664430 (LMT) or on-site.



Individual consultations, tours and group training are offered to students, academic staff and others.

The aim of the training is to introduce to the services offered, to teach how to work with the Library electronic catalogue (EC) and how to search for information in various subscription or open-access e-resources.


Inter-library Loan

The Inter-library Loan service is a possibility to request publications, as well as copies of full-text articles from periodicals that are not available at ViA Library from other libraries.

The term for delivering and using the requested publication is determined by the library from which the publication is requested, therefore we recommend completing the requests in a timely manner.

The request of Inter-library Loan books and electronic copies of articles can be made:

  • by completing a book request form or an article copy request form online or sending it as an attachment by e-mail to [email protected]
  • on-site in the Library.

Requests are processed during one working day, informing the user about the receipt or refusal of the requested publication.

The publications received trough the Inter-library Loan are for use in the Library only.


ISBN allocation

In order to create a unified system for allocating ISBN (International Standard Book Number) numbers for the publications of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, the following regulations are in place:

  • the decision on publishing a scientific, academic and methodological publication is taken at the meeting of the Faculty Council; an extract from the minutes of the meeting and a printed copy of the material to be published are submitted to the Rector's Assistant-Scientific Secretary;
  • the Rector's Assistant-Scientific Secretary forwards the material for consideration and approval by the Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Work;
  • the Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Work confirms and forwards the submitted material to the Library;
  • on the basis of the confirmation by the Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Work, the Library informs the responsible person for the publication about the allocated ISBN number.

/ The Procedure for Allocating ISBN Numbers, Order No.53-r, July 22, 2010/


Other services

Possibility to buy books published by ViA

Booking of DVD movies and other audio-visual resources

Newspapers and magazines




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