Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) is a state university founded in 1996, which offers 15 study programs in the faculties of Social Sciences and Engineering.

Ground for growth - that is the motto of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Our roots are strenghtened in Valmiera, Vidzeme, Latvia and Europe. We are open, flexible, proactive and, when necessary, provocative. A strong, creative, interdisciplinary community for studies, research, knowledge transfer - this is us, our students, employees and cooperation partners.
Agnese Dāvidsone

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1996 and in 2001 acquired the status of a state university. In 2002, it was accredited for an indefinite period.

ViA offers high-quality and flexible study programs that successfully balance theory and practice. These are adapted to the current needs of society and changes in the labor market. The quality of the studies is ensured by experienced and professional teaching staff, advanced study methods, as well as by students who know what they want to achieve and how to succeed.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Strategy 2016 - 2020 is approved by the Senate (March 23, 2016) and is available here

In the spring of 2023, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences received the Best Practice University certificate, which is a confirmation that we work in accordance with the principles of good management in attracting foreign students and ensuring quality studies.


The university is a platform for fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. Individually and collectively. It serves those those who want to acquire new knowledge and skills regardless of age, and those who have a good idea, but lack the knowledge and skills to make it happen. It also supports individuals who want to realise their scientific idea and create new products by engaging in the research work at the university, and those who want to transfer their knowledge to others by lecturing or consulting.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognised regional platform for higher education, science, knowledge transfer and leadership of ideas, offering an ecosystem of the digital era for versatile options in acquiring professional higher education and carrying out interdisciplinary research, giving a proactive response to the challenges of society.


The mission of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is to promote the sustainable development of knowledge society on regional and national level, providing the private and public sectors with high-level professionals, as well as conducting research to address societal challenges.



ViA educational programme - study programmes and fields, lifelong learning, additional education for secondary school students.


ViA research development strategy and programme - a proactive response to the challenges of society according to the fields of studies and the external demand.

Knowledge transfer and leadership of ideas

The knowledge transfer of ViA and its partner institutions to cooperation partners, taking the role of the intellectual leader of Vidzeme region in promoting the growth of the country and the region.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is located in the creative and restless city of Valmiera, a place where you can expect high-quality studies and unforgettable student life.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

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