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Wooden Houses and Eco-building (college level)

Title of the study programme: Wooden Houses and Eco-building
Form of the studies: Full time
Duration of the programme: 2.5 years (5 semesters)
Obtained degree: Not applicable
Professional qualification: Supervising Engineer

About the programme

The aim of the study programme is to train professionals working in construction area who follow and respect ‘green’ thinking. The special focus of the programme is on modern construction methods, such as green purchase, passive house construction and alternative heating solutions. After taking an exam, graduates can receive a European level recognised “Manager of Wooden Construction” certificate.

Skills and competences

  • Skills required by a profession of supervising engineer;
  • Operative management of construction;
  • Organisation of construction work;
  • Planning of construction according to design;
  • Working with documentation;
  • Assessment and analytical skills of economic factors;
  • Use of specialised software and calculation methods.

Career prospects

Graduates work in designing construction enterprises and construction monitoring agencies. With three years of experience in the profession, there is a possibility to apply for a certificate in Construction Supervising and Monitoring.

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