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Go Green!

In academic year of 2010/2011 the organization Latvian Green Point invited every student union of all universities of Latvia to participate in an educational competition – Green Point Cup. Since the students of Vidzeme University before participating in this competition had already observed some environmentally friendly activities at university, the Student Union decided to participate in the competition and act to make Vidzeme University students and employees realize their impact on the environment.

The Student Union also wanted to promote the implementation of environmentally friendly lifestyle at university. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences was recognized as the Greenest University in Latvia, it won a travelling cup and 1000 Ls to implement environmentally friendly activities.

In academic year of 2011/2012 Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences participated in this competition again and gained the third place and 300 Ls(~430 EUR) prize.

In October 2013 Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences has gained the Green flag award, becoming the first institution of higher education in Baltics that holds the international Eco university status. This was accomplished by Eco Committee and Student Union's Environmental direction of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

On October 8, 2013, there was a ceremonial hoisting of the Green flag - the symbol of Eco University.

Now there the Environmental assessment of the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences has been developed, and also the action plan and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences environmental statutes have been drawn up.

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