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Faculty of Society and Science

Research Areas

  • Sustainable development, including:
  • Development of mortgage crediting in Latvia;
  • Real property administration in Latvia;
  • Regulation of public service in Latvian regions;
  • Human capital importance in knowledge-based economics and excellence of its management;
  • Opportunities for development of entrepreneurship environment in Latvia;
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of investment project evaluation;
  • Practical application of cognitive behavioural theory;
  • Research and analysis of entrepreneurial environment in the Valmiera region;
  • Agrarian and regional economics.


  • Internet as mass media and its potential development trends;
  • Media use and reception;
  • Political role of media in bilingual environment of Latvia;
  • Rumour in public communication environment;
  • Corporate identity, its influence on the internal and external audience of organisation communication;
  • Public relations management function in a communication process;
  • Role of public relations in communication process management
  • Argumentation and persuasion;
  • Communication of educational institutions;
  • Intercultural communication aspects in Latvian business environment;
  • Organisation communication;
  • Developing transformational leaders in public sector administration in Latvia;
  • Social inclusion and exclusion, monitoring of social integration;
  • Migration and the EU;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Innovations in public administration;
  • Regional development in Latvia; foreign policy of the Baltic states;
  • Development studies and development cooperation;
  • Development of accountability system in public administration in Latvia; political-administrative relations.


  • Sustainable tourism and its management;
  • Tourism planning and development;
  • Culture heritage use in tourism;
  • Environment and tourism;
  • Tourism enterprise management;
  • Management of specially protected areas;
  • Capacity of tourism objects and sites;
  • Innovative tourism products and services;
  • Concepts of niche tourism development;
  • Analysis and comparison of tourism development in different tourism markets;
  • Cluster studies in tourism and leisure.

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Study programmes

Master in Business Environment Administration (in Latvian and English)

Bachelor in Business Administration


Master in Governance and Communication

Bachelor in Communication and Public Relations

Bachelor in Media Studies and Journalism

Bachelor in Governance and Innovation


Master in Strategic Tourism Management

Joint Masters in International Tourism Events Management

Bachelor in Tourism Organisation and Management

Bachelor programme 'Tourist Guide – Travel and Event Manager'


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