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About ViA

In brief

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) in Latvian: Vidzemes Augstskola.
1996 - the foundation year of the University of Applied Sciences. 
2001 - Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences changed its status from a regional governmental institution to a state educational institution.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences offers high quality and flexible study programmes with skilfully balanced theory and practice. They are adapted to current needs of the society and changes on the labour market. The study quality is provided by experienced and professional academic staff, progressive study forms and by students themselves who know what goals they want to achieve and how to gain success.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognisable regional platform for higher education, science, knowledge transfer and ideas leadership, offering an ecosystem of the digital era for versatile options in acquiring professional higher education and carrying out interdisciplinary research, giving a proactive response to the challenges of the society. 


The mission of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is to promote a sustainable development of knowledge society in regional and national level, ensuring the private and public sectors with high level professionals as well as carrying out research on solving socially actual problems. 


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