About ViA

In brief

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) in Latvian: Vidzemes Augstskola.
1996 - the foundation year of the University of Applied Sciences. 
2001 - Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences changed its status from a regional governmental institution to a state educational institution.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences offers high quality and flexible study programmes with skilfully balanced theory and practice. They are adapted to current needs of the society and changes on the labour market. The study quality is provided by experienced and professional academic staff, progressive study forms and by students themselves who know what goals they want to achieve and how to gain success.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is establishing itself as one of the most innovative regional academic educational and research centres in the Baltic space.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is a higher education and scientific research centre whose mission is to foster the development of the Vidzeme Region by offering modern high quality and competitive higher education, by doing research and by successfully cooperating with partners in Latvia and abroad.

Characteristic Features of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

  • Knowledge and skills meeting the requirements and trends of the labour market;
  • Lessons with teachers - experts in their field;
  • Integration of information technologies and technology based solutions in the study process;
  • Opportunities of international studies and internships;
  • Active and creative study process;
  • Individual approach;
  • Friendly atmosphere.


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