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This course provides students with basic knowledge and skills necessary for the competent Real Estate market analysis. The course is devoted to the actual situation and development trends of Latvian Real Estate Market with specific insight into Real Estate markets and existing administration systems abroad. The course structure and content allows students to realize their individual interest in Real Estate market investment and analysis fields.

Understanding of the Real Estate Market is strictly related with strategic business planning, economic, and financial, and investment analysis. The content of the course gives the comprehension about an interconnection of Real Estate market analysis, Real Estate valuation, investment analysis, architecture, civil engineering, Real Estate taxation, Real Estate legislation, land use planning, Real Estate development and management, and others. Also during the course students learn about interaction of Real Estate market system and various economic, political, technological, and legal factors.

Course contents

•    Terminology and understanding of Real Estate (Real Property) market concept.
•    Structure and characteristics of Real Estate market. The purpose of Real Estate market analysis.
•    Real estate market cycles and their influence to the economic development cycles.
•    Trends and development of Real Estate markets in Latvia (Riga) and comparative analysis of Real Estate markets in foreign countries.
•    Methods of Real Estate market value appraisal.
•    NPV in Real Estate investment cash flow analysis.
•    Influence of the legal, political, economic, geographical, environmental, social and technological factors to the Real Estate market systems.
•    Code of Ethics for Real Estate market value appraisers.
•    Real Estate management theory and practice in Latvia.

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