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Information Technologies

Education acquired: Professional Bachelor degree in Information Technologies                    
Professional qualification:  Programming engineer 
Specializations available:  Data base management and networks. 
IT systems organization and management 
Programme is accredited:  Until Year 2016 
Duration of the studies:  4 years or (8 semesters) 
Programme Director: Ginta Majore
phone: +371 642 50840

The aim of the study program

The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified specialists - programming engineers - for information technology industry, whose theoretical and practical knowledge and skills would correspond today's labour market needs and demands, specialists capable to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities emerging from the IT specialist profession standards.
The advantage of the study program:

  •     IT Study programme covers topics and provides skills meeting today's labour market needs
  •     An emphasis is put on acquiring applied sciences, which is implemented through research projects and Bachelor's theses, as well as practical hands-on sessions and study internships.
  •     Study programme provides students with more practical knowledge and skills than academic study programmes.
  •     More than one third of the students have an opportunity to participate in international study exchange programmes and take internships abroad. The Study programme is organised in a way that students do not have to take any specialised courses in their final year. Students have internships and work on their Bachelor Theses, having a chance to test the knowledge and putting it into practice.

Study Contents

Computers and society
Computer Architecture
Date Processing Systems
Introduction in Electrotechnics
Operating Systems
Algorithms and Data Structures
Information System Analyses and Development
Modelling and Formal Specification
Programming C++
Data Base Technologies
Legal System and Standards of Discipline
Software Development Tools and Environments
Software Engineering
Web Technologies
Telecommunications and others


Members of the faculty are specialists that represent both the academic and professional viewpoint of the sector. Majority of the lecturers are professionals of an area connected to the IT industry therefore students receive updated lecture materials and information on sector novelties. Students and graduates highly appreciate this aspect of the programme.


Professional IT bachelor's program includes 3 internships: introductory internship (1 month after 2nd year's studies), specialisation and pre-diploma internships (during the final study year).

Internships are organised both in Latvian enterprises and in companies abroad. The students of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences are highly appraised by their internship advisors in the enterprises.

After Graduation

After graduating from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences students have a possibility to continue their studies in Master's level programme s in Latvia and abroad. The gradates are well prepared for working in IT and business enterprises, state and local municipality institutions, banking sector, public and many other organisations requiring IT specialists.

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