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Event marketing

The course is designed to educate students in the interdisciplinary marketing aspects of tourism and events within Baltic region and global contexts. A business focus has been developed with reference to a variety of industry sectors / stakeholders, involving local authorities and large and small private companies in the tourism and recreation industries. Students will study components of interdisciplinary marketing, international marketing, services marketing, consumer and organizational behavior, advertising and public relations, spatial segmentation of events, use of various ICT tools for marketing analysis, planning or promotion.

This course will provide students with knowledge and training on how to raise performance, quality and competitiveness of events in connection with in-depth knowledge on customer behavior and values with strategically developed arguments and wide use of supporting ICT tools for all stages of event marketing.

  • Introduction to event marketing in relation to international tourism & service marketing
  • Event as a tool for destination marketing and regional development. Relation with clusters and networks
  • Strategic event marketing planning process. Differences of marketing according typology of events
  • Territorial events and events organized by a private company and their specific key factors
  • Experience (co)production and performance development, quality and development of competitive advantages
  • Consumer behavior and marketing research – evaluation and reporting, use of ICT for spatial segmentation
  • Impacts of events and sustainable marketing practices
  • Branding of events, customization and customer relation management, advertising strategies
  • ICT for promotion of events; Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of events performance. Event marketing 2.0.
  • Social network strategies for event promotion

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